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Food insecurity is a significant problem, especially among people living low income. Lack of food is not just about not having enough resources to purchase food; it’s also about the lack of access to healthy foods and the ability to prepare meals. The Food Share of Ventura County is an organization that helps communities step up and fight against hunger. Here are some ways to help your community by volunteering at this organization.

How did this organization come to be?

It was was established in 1974. It is a coalition of public and private schools, businesses, civic organizations, faith-based institutions, food banks and other community groups. The organization’s mission is to fight hunger with the goal of creating equity among all individuals regardless of their social status by providing resources that enable people to make healthy choices for themselves.

What do volunteers do?

Here, volunteers help prepare and serve meals to people who are at-risk for hunger and homelessness. Volunteers also help with administrative tasks, such as food inventory, food preparation, and data management.

Volunteers can sign up for shifts during the day or night. To find out more about volunteering opportunities at this organization.

How can you help?

Volunteer opportunities are available at . You can help people who are struggling to find nutritious, healthy food by volunteering at the organization’s drop-in center.

You can also volunteer with the warehouse, which is a place where people come for all kinds of food, including healthy foods and canned goods. There are many different opportunities for you to volunteer at this organization, such as:

– Operation Meal Train

– Warehouse work

– Drop-in center work

– Helping with fundraising events


It is a way to have an impact on others’ lives and make the community better. There are many things that organization does, such as running events where food is distributed in need areas or collecting donations for emergency services. In addition, they provide resources with which people can run their own programs like helping feed children at school or increasing awareness about hunger issues by spreading education through art forms like poetry slams and painting projects. It’s not just about giving but also providing opportunities for volunteers too.

Food Share of Ventura County is a nonprofit organization that provides food, clothing, and other resources to those in need. The group relies on volunteers to help provide the necessary services and to help expand the organization’s reach.

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